A Continuous Lateral Tilting System- Vikta KomfiTilt Edition 3

July 26, 2022

KomfiTilt Edition.3 –  A Continuous Lateral Titling System

The KomfiTilt system gently tilts the user through a left-neutral-right cycle to help relieve or prevent pressure points developing.

This continuous lateral tiling system (CLRT) is placed on the bed frame under the mattress and is operated on an independent power and pump supply

With new features:
   -Double air-cell construction, for improved stability & patient support
   -Air-cell Hygiene cover
   -Bluetooth connection to App, monitor the performance and make remote function adjustments.
   -Cycle Time Options
   -Left & Right Cell Inflation Options
-& all the original best bits: Easy On/Off, Easy install, Auto-Deflate for transfers and Personal Care, Expand for bariatric use.
KomfiTilt Ed.3 –‘Making A Turn for the Better’

Continuous lateral tilting system