KomfiTilt Edition 3

KomfiTilt Edition 3 is a uniquely designed lateral turning system that offloads and redistributes weight from high-risk pressure areas for those at risk of developing pressure injuries. 

The KomfiTilt Edition 3 boasts the capability to fit beds from 80 to 120cm, with a weight capacity of 50stone and is easily adjustable. This makes the KomfiTilt adept to aid a broad scope of patients, aiding a plethora of ailments. 

With it’s discreet under mattress design, it can be used alongside an existing bed set up with no real disruption. It’s non-slip strips ensure it stays securely under the user.

The alternating cycle times allow the high-risk pressure areas to be relieved and keeps the patient comfortable throughout.

The KomfiTilt is compatible with Assistive Technologies, which gives the user full autonomy.

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KomfiTilt Edition 3: Continuous Lateral Tilting System


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