Simple solutions for some of the most complex postural positioning challenges including contracted legs, wind sweeping, contracted hands, 30o lateral positioning, etc.

The very fine microbeads form to the body shape to support and offload the body or limb to maintain good positioning and pressure care. Ideal for active users, as the movement of the microbeads helps prevent shear & friction.

A comprehensive range of shapes and sizes are available to meet many applications and they can be used in new and innovative ways to suit individual needs.


Positioning Guide 2024

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This NEW range will not only provide support, relief and pressure care but also will pass Infection Control as this NEW PosiPerle cushion is heat welded or using the proper terminology Hermetically sealed, also it is fitted with a patented PneumaPure filter which is clinically proven to block any viruses, allergens, microbes and mold, yet well ventilated and breathable a perfect cushion for multi patient use.

The Principal of Microbeads


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