Pressure care specialists

Pressure care management; providing a bespoke specialist service and a range of products such as specialist care seating, a lateral tilting device and postural cushions for the prevention and healing of pressure ulcers/pressure sores. Tailoring to individual needs and improving wellbeing, care and quality of life.

Working closely with healthcare professionals and Occupational Therapists, we also aim to promote postural support for improved positioning and mobility.

specialist seating

Specialist Seating

Bespoke specialist seating

Microbead multi patient positioning cushion

PosiPerle Positioning Cushions

Multi Patient Use | PneumaPure Filtration Technology | Proven Infection Control

Lateral tilting system


Lateral Tilting System | Editions 3 & 5

Fluidised positioners flo-form

Flo-Form Fluidised Positioners

Multi Patient Use | Fluidised Gel Technology


Improving people’s lives with pressure care and postural positioning solutions. We aim to provide the best cost effective solutions for pressure care and pressure sore/ulcer prevention, promoting independence and a duty of care across the healthcare industry

“Thank you very much again for your help, which led to successful outcomes for current and I am sure for future patients too.”

Judith Mosle – Ilminster

“Fantastic joint working approach with Craig and Sophie from Vikta/PCM clinical advisory team to improve the positioning and prevention of contractures developing for vulnerable elderly residents. A great learning opportunity to increase knowledge and awareness of the different PosiPerle cushions available that are versatile and can make such a difference to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the residents”

Cheryl Miller – Occupational Therapist

“so delighted with the Komfitilt device, Rob has had the best night’s sleep since last October when he was diagnosed. After all the trauma and distress that he’s endured due to the cancer and the management of his sacral sore it’s wonderful to see him relaxed and happy being freed from the tyranny of two hourly turning 24/7, giving him a peaceful night’s rest. The fact that he has complete control of the mattress with the Bluetooth connection is an added bonus. Hopefully over the next few months we’ll see a dramatic improvement in his sacral sore which would be the best possible outcome. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and support, it’s made a massive difference to us. With all our thanks, Leila, Rob and the Family”


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