Neonatal & Paediatric Positioning Cushions

Neonatal & Paediatric Positioning Cushions

Flo-Form NICU fluidised positioners provide development positioning for neonatal and paediatric patients while redistributing pressure on the skin. Providing crucial patient positioning for critical undeveloped neonates.

The fluidised positioners can be micro-contoured to any infants body whilst protecting the skin.

Fluidised positioning has been clinically proven to improve neuromotor development, promote energy conservation, maintain skin integrity, provide non-pharmacologic pain management and facilitate sleep.

Fluidised positioning devices (FPD’s) are comprised of lubricated microspheres, giving them the ability to 3-dimensionally contour to the patients specific shape.



For Head Positioning

  • Redistributes pressure to protect the skin
  • Helps reduce lateral skull flattening
  • Promotes neutral head/trunk alignment
  • Facilitates tube/line management
  • Recommended for single patient use

For Body Positioning

  • Creates a soft outer boundary to support a flexed, midline position
  • Helps maintain neutral body alignment and positive airway
  • Encourages normal musculoskeletal and neuromotor development
  • Recommended for single patient use

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