How using PosiPerle can assist in the treatment of Windswept Hip Deformity

February 21, 2024

Windswept posture is often seen in individuals that are non-ambulatory with conditions such as Cerebal Palsy, hip dislocation/subluxation, multiple hip joint replacements, Scoliosis and more.
Particularly common in bed bound patients who have limited range of movement. Windsweeping is often left untreated, resulting in complete fixed external rotation to one hip and fixed internal rotation of the other thus, resulting in Windswept Hip Deformity.
PosiPerle cushions are very versatile and with their unique design, can be used in many cases to gently support realignment of the hips back into a midline position.  
Using a cushion such as a the semi-fowler under the knees will help to support the realignment of the hips. This would suited to a patient who isn’t suffering from any contractures to the legs.
When dealing with contracture deformity alongside Windsweeping, multiple cushions could be used. One cushion we would advise using is the delta cushion supported by a wedge either side of the patient.
Using a combination of the microbead cushions to help treat the patient with Windswept Hip Deformity, will encourage the hips stay in a midline position whilst the patient is in bed.

Positioning cushion
Microbead Positioning Cushion