Lateral Turning System – KomfiTilt Edition 5.0

July 17, 2023

Our Lateral Turning System, KomfiTilt Edition 5.0, is a new development to our range of pressure care management products and devices.

Lateral Turning Systems or CLRT, are commonly used to assist with the healing or prevention of pressure sores/pressure ulcers forming on the body by the continuous movement of the blood and lymph flow, improving tissue viability on those more vulnerable areas of the skin.

Pressure Care Management and Vikta have been working on creating a more advanced pump, allowing the patient, or their carer, to control the functions by pressing the buttons and setting the new features to suit the users needs in real time.

Using the same principles as the Edition 3.0, the KomfiTilt is designed to tilt to a 22 degree angle, offloading body weight and repositioning the patient. With its easy set up of the inflatable cell ‘sheet’ which will fit under most mattress types, including hospital style beds and alternating air mattresses. The process of setting up the device is quick and easy, also allowing an adjustable width extension for bariatric patients.

The new features from the Edition 5 allows the patient to not only have the standard action of ‘left neutral right’ it now can be programmed to offload at a ‘left neutral’ or ‘right neutral’, allowing the pump to be set up to suit the patients individual needs.

Lateral turning system

With this, you can also change, from the pump, the users cycle time and hold from either 10,30 or 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the patients conditions.

Although the KomfiTilt Ed.5 has been designed to enable our customers to adjust the functionality via the faceplate of the pump for a more simple use, the function of the downloadable Bluetooth app is still available.