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Meeting the ‘Pressure care’ needs for personal, healthcare and medical clients, Pressure Care Management supply a range of products from the simple and innovative to the specific and technical, to meet the individual requirements for pressure care.

With pressure care being a subject of interest to the individual involved and to the largest of healthcare and medical organisations, the Pressure Care Management product range meets the needs for total care, with low-interface pressures, anti-shear, healing stimulation and posture support.

Focused on service - because the needs are so often here and now.

Reliable - to meet the needs and to relieve the pressure on caring staff.

Innovative - always looking for improved solutions, we value your feedback & suggestions.

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Effects of sitting posture on interface pressure

Weight distribution: 75% of body weight supported on 8% body area leads to high interface pressure (Trumble 1930)

Normal seated pressure distribution:

  • Buttocks & Thighs 75%
  • Feet 19%
  • Back 4%
  • Arms 2%